Although the country is reeling from the recession which has hit hard into everyone pocket, there is still a need for good quality
and value for money advise for people looking into property. With this in mind and the huge variety of disciplines available where does
one start looking for the right person for the right job. The idea that one panel can offer a full range of expert services must be an attractive one.
The property panel has been set up by Paula ter Brake of Home Brokers with a view to solve that very problem. Professionals from all different
disciplines have been meeting each month with a view to see who will commit to the panel. We are now twelve members strong and ready to launch
onto the Irish web space. This space will allow anybody to enter a query in relation to any aspect of property, buying, selling, refurbishment, planning, building,
moving, electrics, cost analyst, engineering, interior design, kitchens etc and receive direction on how to proceed. Residential and commercial property owners
and or prospective buyers and sellers will have a panel of professional to call on.
This idea is a fresh way or approaching a property problem, and has such good merit for anyone with a question in relation to property.
Watch this space as we set forth to launch a new web site and get the country moving again.

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